They Live

An edition of hand made scratch away stickers exhibited as part of CONTROVERSIAL - INSPIRING - OBEY! A tribute to Shepard Fairey, organised by Hatch sticker museum 10th August - 3rd September 2022. 

10 x 15 cm limited run hand pulled screen prints on sticker paper.

The 1988 sci-fi film They Live, which inspired Shepard Fairey’s street art campaign Obey Giant. Aliens use subliminal messages to control humanity. The subliminal messages can only be seen when humans put on special sunglasses. Words like “consume” and “obey” appear in advertisements when viewed through the context altering shades. 

‘People don’t realise they’re being manipulated because they’re so caught up in consumption.... They don’t realise they’re being controlled by aliens, who are the authoritarians.'

The sticker pays tribute to both Shepard’s OBEY campaign and They Live. Screen printed with ink custom mixed with different mediums it totals 5 layers of prints and it works as a scratch off sticker. The first image is a reworking of the 'Come to the Caribbean' poster seen in the movie. When you scratch off that layer it reveals the subliminal message ‘Marry & Reproduce’ but instead the text is re-worked with the classic André the Giant image being replaced with a priest with the same eyes as the aliens in the movie.