Rusty Frames

A solo exhibition at 20square7 20th - 27th April 2023

50 unique framed illustrations of fish screen printed on smashed glass.

“Someone oughta get you off the streets. Somebody oughta put the fish in the river.”

Rumble Fish, a movie about wannabe gangsters in a small town, correlates the anger they feel, as inhabitants of a confined environment, to Siamese fighting fish trapped in a tank; suggesting that if they broke free to a greater surrounding, they would find peace. 

This collection of 50 illustrated Siamese fighting fish, screen printed on glass, that was then smashed, is shaped by that notion. Juxtaposing their entrapment is a much larger, much calmer looking fish swimming free. Optic lenses for glasses are used to give the illusion of bubbles, putting forward that this fish swims in a river, not in a tank.