No More Heroes

Performative art combined with live music at STATTLAB with Modulab & The Tinker Tapes 2nd November 2023. 

140 x 170 cm Wheatpaste collage on paper

This work was created during a live set by Modulab and The Tinker Tapes. It began with layers of comic books being pasted over a widely empty space apart from some text that read 'POST NO BILLS'. A precursor to the developing image of a shattered bust of Hercules with the words 'No More Heroes' Spray painted on the stone. The bust was separated into almost 100 individual shards which, throughout the run of the performance were systematically placed on the collage piece by piece, utilizing the individual shapes in the background to create maps for the mid and eventual foreground. This process allowed the image to slowly develop over the course of the set and only reveal what it was close to the end.