Are you watching closely

A reimagining of vintage magic posters exhibited at Supalife Kiosk as part of the STATTLAB trifft Supalife Kiosk exhibition 11th June  - 18th July 2022. 

30 x 70 cm unique one off signed and numbered hand pulled screen prints on 230gsm Hahnemühle Kupferdruckkarton

This triptych of posters was created as a tribute to classical magic posters. From the early etchings of the 18th century to the erratic lithographic prints up to the 1950’s: The images referenced were described as metaphors for the mental gymnastics of illusion while also representing a truth repeated amongst magicians, magic is in the mind. 

With admiration for these visual goals, these works aim to appropriate the visual elements of the classic posters and re-work them into unique contexts. Combining collage, photography, illustration, painting and finally screen printing. Each print required 7 screens to achieve the replication of the vast colour palettes typically found in this style of design. It all came together